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No matter where your institution is up to in its digital transformation, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has answers


Helping educators educate through digital transformation

Digitise and transform the document processes that support a quality education, through aiming to reduce administration, free-up resources and unleash potential.  

No matter where your educational institution is up to in its digital transformation, FUJIFILM Business Innovation can help you take the next step. We draw on a wealth of experience in digitising and transforming information channels for pre-schools right through to universities. 


  • Student records without the paperwork
  • Data without the entry
  • Standout communication for a digital age
  • Technology to help teach tomorrows skills today

Over 3,000 educational institutions nationally choose to partner with us. From digitising fundamental document processes to helping improve the way you attract and retain students, FUJIFILM Business Innovation has the expertise to ease your digital transformation, across the board. 

Start by digitising a single process or document flow, or transform your processes from end-to-end - speak to us today to find out how we can help.


“I feel confident that I’m working with a capable team of people who are interested in partnering with our school to help us be the best at what we do. They are consistently bringing the capabilities of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia to the fore and they understand the education space and what we need to do to stay ahead of our game.”

Please click here to view the full Iona Presentation College case study.

“We’ve already started on a number of projects, including an entirely online enrolment process, right from expression of interest to actually arriving at the school on day one.”

Please click here to view the full Canberra Grammar School case study.

Download our K-12 Education Industry Services brochure here


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