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With the document-intensive nature of the legal and professional services industry, it is no surprise that the sheer cost of document production per firm per year may run into the millions. It has been estimated, for instance, that legal firms suffer thousands per lawyer per year in otherwise reimbursable expenses. Much of document production can and should be converted into billable costs, and all it requires is the aid of an effective cost recovery solution.

Introducing Equitrac Professional 5 for Apeos. Experience a powerful, easy-to-use tool that enables the effective tracking, organisation and billing of documents produced across your business.

Key Features: 

  • Track and recover billable printing expenses
  • Secure, Follow You printing allows users to release their print jobs securely
  • Control over document output
  • Reduce waste
  • Optimise existing print resources
  • Maximise ROI on IT investments


Legal and professional services firms are document-intensive by nature. Given the sheer volume of documentation that needs to be created and utilised throughout the entire client life cycle, it's no surprise that document management, control and tracking are of prime importance. 

Key challenges: 

Untracked and unbilled documents due to the lack of a centralised  and robust tracking system to help companies getting an accurate indication of the expenses accrued on a client-by-client basis.

Printed documents exposed to possible theft as unattended printers may fall into unauthorised hands.

More time administering printing requirements, Less time spent with clients. The massive number of documents produced means that each employee takes a significant amount of billable time to print and retrieve documents. 

Poor management of IT assets and resources due to the lack of centralised visibility and control over these assets. As a result, the IT department is stretched by help desk calls.



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