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Discovering on how much your organisation spends on printing and copying is essential to managing the costs and increasing return on investment (ROI). At the same time, you must keep productivity high to achieve the highest value.

Some key challenges faced by firms include:

  • High Print Costs or unknown Print Costs
  • Poor management of IT assets and resources 
  • Lack of document security
  • Little or no control over reporting and allocating costs
  • Unnecessary print costs and wasted paper


Change in business is constant and creates challenges when deploying print. What makes it challenging is that when users want to print, they expect to be able to. Users don't think about what print server or network they are connected to. They don't think about what print drivers they have downloaded. And they certainly don't think to check whether a printer is online and ready to print. They just want to hit print and be done. 

Meeting this expectation while reducing the strain on IT staffs and budgets is what Equitrac is all about. Providing anytime, anywhere access to printing while maintaining control over costs and security. Delivering user convenience and choice, balanced with financial and environmental awareness to encourage responsible printing. And removing the dependencies on print servers, print drivers and the complexities of print fleets that make dealing with ever-changing print requirements a headache.


Equitrac 5 Products
Equitrac is available in two variations, for meeting specific industry needs:

Equitrac Office

Designed for the Office environment, Equitrac Office provides tracking, allocation and reporting on printing and copying equipment. The functionality stretches far beyond simple cost recovery.


Equitrac Express

Express shares the same cost management engines and services as Office but caters for the real-time billing needs of education and public environments.



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