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Thank you for your interest in our Invitation to Print offers, we have 2 different options for you to choose from - Our Invitation to Print Pink using the IridesseTM Production Press or the Invitation to Print on a Large Scale using the Fujifilm Vybrant UF10 Flatbed. We invite you to test these devices and produce a job of your choice on us*.

print pink

Invitation to Print Pink - Book an IridesseTM Production Press demonstration before 31 March 2021 and 'test the press' with up to 5000 prints free*.

You are invited to test the Iridesse™ Production Press. Print up to 5,000 unfinished SRA3 sheets on the press using any two specialty colours and your own artwork files to see the iridescent transformation. Simply register below to attend a product demonstration (virtual or in our showrooms).

Discover how you can offer on-demand luxury print at an affordable price with the six-station Iridesse™ Production Press. You’ll be able to produce cost efficient, no-fuss, deluxe digital print with minimised operator input.

New to the Iridesse™ Production Press specialty colours is the fluorescent Pink Dry Ink. It joins the already gamut extending capabilities of Gold and Silver, plus Clear and White. Meaning you can run CMYK plus two specialty colours – now including Pink Dry Ink – in a single pass. Helping you say yes to more high value customers and print more cost efficient, more vivid, eye-catching work.

The first three customers to purchase an IridesseProduction Press before 30 November 2020 will receive a free Pink Toner Kit*.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please click here to view the terms and conditions.

invitation to print on a large scale v2

Invitation to Print on a Large Scale - Book a Vybrant UF10 Flatbed demonstration before 31 March 2021 and we will print and finish a file of your choice*.

You are invited to test the Fujifilm Vybrant UF10. Simply register below to attend a product demonstration (virtual or in our showrooms) and we will print and finish your artwork using the Vybrant UF10 and Kongsberg X24 Edge cutting solution. Limited to two media types, either 5mm Corflute or 5mm Foamcore, and a maximum of two print beds size, each being 2.54m2 x 1.25 m2.

The Fujifilm Vybrant UF10 is a true flatbed printer with exceptional economical value. Experience high quality printing on a range of rigid and flexible media, with LED curing to minimise energy use. The flatbed comes with CMYK plus 2 White channels as standard and can deliver print speeds up to 16 m² per hour in Production Mode. Print on wide variety of media substrates, including canvas, wood, tile, glass, or objects.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please click here to view the terms and conditions.

Open up a world of fresh applications. Explore what's possible on the Iridesse Production Press and the Vybrant UF10 Flatbed:

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Vybrant Applications

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