3 time saving tips for every office manager

3 time saving tips for every office manager

A day in the life of an office manager is filled with conflicting priorities and deadlines. These demands can cause stress and uncertainly about which duties to tackle first. Read on for tips to reduce the stress such as streamlining expense settlement duties, managing documents while ensuring information security, and printing files on-demand.

Streamline expense settlement
Tracking expense management manually is one of the biggest pain points for an office manager. Implement a centralised and automated expense management system for employees to create and submit expense claims and reports, thereby enabling you to monitor work-related expenses. Not only would it improve efficiency, it also removes ambiguity from expense reporting and management.

Ensuring information security
With cyber criminals using small and medium-sized companies as a conduit to infiltrate computer networks of larger firms in what’s commonly known as supply chain vulnerability, it has become more critical than ever to ensure that business-critical documents and data are safe from prying eyes. Look out for security solutions that let you set access policies for documents, so you don’t need to worry about content being viewed or accessed by unauthorised users.

Print files anytime, anywhere
Cloud printing is not only convenient but a necessity if you’re using mobile devices as part of your daily workflow. You no longer need to rely on your office printer to do the job – any printer connected to your cloud server will be able to receive and print the files you need. Security remains a priority, especially if you’re concerned about sensitive company data, so look for cloud service vendors that provide password protection and data encryption procedures, as well as print security features that only allow authorised employees to print confidential information.

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