Future Thinking

From print solutions to real-time track updates for train drivers.

Future Thinking

Future Thinking

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia we lead the industry in print solutions. And while we're focused on that, we're helping workplaces all over Australia become more efficient and profitable. Our technology and services can solve common business challenges, and in many instances, transform work practices. For example, school administrators are using our software solutions to digitise existing and historical files, reducing reliance on physical documents and helping them reach their sustainability goals. Our multifunction devices can access cloud-based information, ensuring train drivers' safety on remote rail networks. And we have security solutions integrated with our multifunction devices that helps hospitals maintain patient privacy by implementing a secure 'swipe to release' protocol for all staff. In this ever-changing world of business, it's important we keep thinking about the future.

Pailbara Iona Presentation

Pilbara Mining

When the mining industry turned to us to help communicate track hazards, we created a customised solution.

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Iona Presentation College

We helped optimise document workflow by digitising student records and integrating with the College's existing student administration system.

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 Toner Pave  Northern Health


We were the first original equipment manufacturer in Australia to send waste toner to be recycled into a Modified Toner Polymer, replacing bitumen in TonerPave roads.

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Northern Health

Manage cost and maintain patient privacy using multifunction printers with secure printing under a managed print service.

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