Future workplace trends

Why mobility is the new black

Tuesday 8 December, 12.30pm

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More and more companies are moving to permanent hybrid or mobile workforces – locally and across the globe – following big names such as Zoom, Google, Microsoft and Thomson Reuters. But why is there this sudden shift from the traditional office – 9 to 5 – and why are companies suddenly embracing this style of work so easily after years of resistance?

We chat with panel experts from CodeBlue, Zoom and the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia to uncover:

  • Why companies are making the move
  • The benefits you could gain by going mobile
  • Long-term impacts this trend could bring to your business
  • How SMBs can (and are) following this new trend

Panel expert guests:

  • Gavin Gomes, Executive General Manager, CodeBlue Australia
  • Ceri-Anne Smith, SMB Sales Manager, Zoom Video Communications
  • Peter Strong, CEO, Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA) 

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