FY21 Term 2 Newsletter

Welcome to the Term 2 FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia Education Newsletter.

In this issue of our quarterly education newsletter we are focusing on business transformation and how we have transformed our business to better support you. Learn about our name change, how collaborative screens can bring learning to life, how to protect the wellbeing of everyone at your school, and more.


Five questions to ask to ensure the wellbeing of everyone on your school grounds


Across the media, we often see articles that talk to how important student and staff wellbeing is to school leaders. Visitor management at schools is not a new thing. But it is more important than ever for school leaders to ensure safeguards are in place to manage visitors and volunteers when they are onsite. Click here to learn more.

Using collaborative screens to bring learning to life

Collaborative screen

Education is ever changing. Keeping students engaged in the classroom is a constant challenge. Student engagement is driven by a lot of factors. School culture, student disposition, parent engagement and access to resources all play a part. Click here to learn more.

Securing school exams and tests

securing school exam and test

While the move to online exams in schools is a hot topic, many exams still take place in paper form. A lack of trust in the security of online exams is one of the reasons for slow adoption. But what about the security of your school’s paper exams? Click here to learn more.

Introducing FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia – Change. We did, so you can.

Brand change

We have a long and trusted relationship with Australian business. Despite our name changing, the fundamentals of that relationship will not change. Find out what that means here

How to effectively clean your FUJIFILM Business Innovation device and other information

Cleaning Devices

We recommend cleaning your Printer or Multifunction device daily. Click here for tips on how to effectively clean our devices. 


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