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EduScan by FUJIFILM Business Innovation is a new service that is making secure digitisation accessible for  every educator in Australia, delivering the best, most efficient scanning service to your school.

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What are the Key Issues with Paper-Based Documentation in Education?

When it comes to sensitive, paper-based documents, the most common issue affecting schools  across Australia is the use of outdated manual systems, putting at risk your school’s disaster  recovery capabilities, efficiency, and security and compliance.  
That’s why at FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we’re empowering the back office with EduScan. EduScan gives  schools the ability to index and securely digitise their documents into electronic files, ready to  be digitally archived. 

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EduScan by FUJIFILM Business Innovation is a new service that securely digitises and indexes your school’s documents, freeing-up paper storage  space for learning. Regardless of where your school is on its digital transformation journey, our EduScan service offers three  accessible scanning solutions that will help: 

  • Increase productivity and cost efficiencies
  • Enhance security, regulatory compliance and authorised-only file sharing
  • Integrate historic documents into your existing management systems

  • Reduces the administrative burden on staff
  • Get the job done quickly and to a high standard, using specialist equipment and know-how
  • Free up staff time to focus on tasks that add real value to education

Tailored Digitisation – which solution works for your school? 

With EduScan, we don’t simply offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our expert Education team will work with you to find the  solution — or combination of solutions — that works best for you. 

Discover our three EduScan solutions and download the EduScan Brochure below to learn more!

Offsite Remote

EduScan Offsite: Remote Capture Service

Your paper files are transported to a secure offsite location  where they are then scanned and indexed by expert data  entry operators and stored electronically, before being  delivered back to your school. 


EduScan Onsite: We scan where you work

We deploy a FUJIFILM Business Innovation specialist to you who scans and  archives your school’s documents for you. This combines  the security of onsite scanning with the in-person expertise  of our trained specialists.


EduScan DIY: Do It Yourself

Our team configures our specialist EduScan software to  your needs, enabling you to capture your archive of school  documents using the existing multi-function devices that  your staff are already familiar with.

Ready to start scanning? 
To find out more about EduScan, fill out the form below to download our brochure.

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