Management Team

management team

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia Executive Profiles

Ken Sugiyama

About Ken Sugiyama

Ken Sugiyama received his tertiary education at Keio University graduating in 1983. Upon graduating Mr Sugiyama started his extensive career with the FUJIFILM Group of companies. Between 1983 and today, Mr Sugiyama has worked across the world holding various positions across international marketing, corporate communications, investor relations, corporate planning and as president in FUJIFILM France S.A.S. in 2015 and chief executive officer at FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation in 2017. Today, Mr Sugiyama is a corporate vice president of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp., responsible for Australia / New Zealand regional operations, Managing Director of FUJIFILM CSG.

He has also received a Master of Science in Management degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States of America.

Takayuki Togo

About Tayayuki Togo

Takayuki Togo has worked with FUJIFILM Business Innovation (formerly Fuji Xerox) for over 30 years and became managing director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia in October 2018. Mr Togo is also a non-executive director of FUJIFILM CSG.

He brings more than 30 years’ business and industry experience to the role, including extensive global experience in corporate strategy and planning.

Mr Togo has served as senior general manager marketing of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Operations (formerly Fuji Xerox) in Singapore and group manager of corporate strategy at FUJIFILM Business Innovation headquarters in Tokyo. He has a deep understanding of the printing business, both in international markets as well as Japan.

Mr Togo worked as vice president of marketing with FUJIFILM Business Innovation (formerly Fuji Xerox) China Limited, as well as business planning manager for the international business group, both based in Shanghai.

Other roles he has held at FUJIFILM Business Innovation include leader of corporate planning group and corporate strategy. He has also spent time on the FUJIFILM Business Innovation (formerly Fuji Xerox) Overseas Trainee program in the United States.

Mr Togo has a bachelor’s degree from Keio University, Tokyo and a masters from Stanford University, California.